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Things that Go BOOM! Edit


  1. Piston - Icicle shooting Pistol
  2. Five Card Stud- Five chambered pistol that shoots wooden bullets that ignite out of the chamber
  3. Injector- Crossbow, shoots beams of metal and other chemcial arrows.
  4. Smelter- A scrap metal slug-making double parrel pistol
  5. Pipe- Shoots glass bullets
  6. David- A high-powered, automatic sling shot
  7. Ball + Chain- A pistol that shoots fails out and uses them after that.
  8. The Hook- A grappling hook pistol


  1. The Drill- A shotgun that gathers it's ammo from the dirt and hurls it towards it's enemies
  2. Storm- A tazer shotgun
  3. Mjolnir- A large block of stone connected to a chain is launched from this shotgun
  4. Blizzard- An icicle launching shotgun


  1. The Ring- A crystal shooting rifle
  2. The Cuff- A bola shooting Rifles
  3. Hazard- A posion ball rifle
  4. Tidal- A high-pressured water rifle
  5. The "Ali"- A boxing glove rifle
  6. Thor- A rifle that pretty much shoots lighting
  7. Death's Hand- A claw shot from a high powered rifle


  1. Steamrolle- A railgun powered by an small A.I robot shoveling Coal
  2. Big Ben- Giant scrap shooting launcher
  3. Hurricane- A giant air cannon

Things that Go Whack!Edit