City of shadows by fire tisane

Residing where Quebec used to be is the quiet city of New Nazareth. It was built This is one of the newest cities to come into the Union, it's rather small but full of friendly faces. It's days are marked by the morning and the evening snows, one of white, one of black. People have send that everything moves a wee bit slower in New Nazareth, as if everybody was waiting for something or someone to fancy their way into the town. It's odd laid back style of living is mostly thanks to it's Govener, Governer Greene, who has established a very lax stance on New Nazerath. In doing so, New Nazerath has entered a state of limbo. Nothing is advancing, it's just getting repaired and filed away.

Come Stay a While!Edit

All twelve of the guilds are represented in the small city state. If you need something done it's pretty likely that you can find someone, the question is will they have the motivation to get things done.

The main points of interests in New Nazerath are...

The City Hall

This is the center point for the entire city. Meetings, hearings, and socializing are it's main attractions. If you want vote or say hello to Govener Greene, stop on by the doors are always open.

The Federal Buildings

Each guild has their own building in town where they help out the masses, and give guidance, orders, and discipline to their own members


The local drinking establishment where the local scuttlebutt takes place